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When you’re a practicing attorney, your first priority is to get the job done for your clients. Sure, there’s a little voice inside your head that whispers to you in the space between taps of the snooze-button. You know the voice— the one that asks, “What happens when you’re done with this client?”  I know you want to take care of business development — but the truth is, your client needs you now and you need those billables now.

From developing practice area pages and “About Me” pages, to blog articles, guest posts, and eBooks, I can help you improve your online presence and establish and maintain yourself as an expert in your field.

Maryland’s Minimum Wage Increase - Is Your Company Compliant? —

Beginning January 1, 2020, Maryland’s large and small businesses will be subject to different minimum wage step schedules. Businesses with 15 employees or more will have to adhere to step increases over the next five years, reaching the $15/hour minimum wage in 2025. Businesses with 14 or fewer employees will see similar incremental increases, though at slightly different rate steps over a six-year period. Notable exceptions and changes under the new law include those affecting workers under th

Online Businesses in 2020 - Does Your Website Need a Copyright Policy? —

A website copyright policy is a written notice on your website that states you own the copyright to the website. The copyright protects all information on your website, including written content and pictures you create or purchase for your website. All written content and artwork is protected under United States copyright laws, even if you do not register the work with the U.S. Copyright Office. However, someone using your content may claim they were not aware it was copyrighted. Using a copyri

Child Burn Injuries: What You Need to Know

Child Burn Injuries: What You Need to Know Child burn injuries can result in extreme pain, emotional trauma, and permanent disabilities. As a parent, your sole concern is for the health and wellbeing of your child. However, your child may be entitled to compensation if the burn injury was caused by negligence or wrongdoing. If you suspect another party’s negligence caused your child’s burn injury, contact our California personal injury attorneys to discuss the matter further. Common Causes of

5 Things to Know About the CARES Act - Willcox, Buyck & Williams

On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) into law. The legislation contains numerous provisions to assist individuals, families, and businesses throughout the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our South Carolina business attorney has carefully reviewed the CARES Act to help our clients seek maximum benefit from the provisions included in the legislation. Below are five ways that the CARES Act can impact employers in South C

Social Media and Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

How Posting to Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Many people cannot get through the day without scrolling through and posting photographs and comments on social media, but doing so when you have a pending personal injury lawsuit can hurt your case. The defendant can use your postings against you to reduce the amount of compensation you get or to deny your claim entirely. Usually, the best practice is to take a social media break until your damages claim gets resolved. It can

5 Tips for Weathering the COVID-19 Pandemic - Willcox, Buyck & Williams

The coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for everyone, including business owners. Throughout South Carolina, business owners are faced with enormous challenges, including protecting the health of their employees and customers as well as trying to pay bills and overhead costs while being restricted by the various Executive Orders affecting business operations throughout the state. If you have questions about your obligations under the current Executive Orders or you have questions about pro

Is My Personal Injury Settlement Taxable?

If you are injured in an accident caused by another party, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses. You may be reimbursed for your medical expenses and loss of income, as well as compensate for your physical and emotional pain and suffering. A California personal injury attorney can help you file a claim with the insurance company for the at-fault party. Before settling your claim, discuss with your attorney whether any of the proceeds are taxable as income. Will I Owe

Federal Tax Extensions During the Pandemic - What You Need to Know —

Important Things to Know About the COVID-19 Federal Tax Extension The IRS is Accepting and Processing Tax Returns Even though the filing date for federal tax returns is now July 15, 2020, the IRS is currently accepting and processing tax returns. If you anticipate a refund, file your income tax return soon so you can receive your refund. The deadline to pay taxes is also extended to July 15, 2020. If you owe taxes for 2019, you now have until July 15, 2020, to pay those taxes without penalty

[Announcement] Thienel Law Offers Elder Law Services to Clients —

Elder law encompasses a wide variety of legal issues faced by seniors and aging members of our community. Elder law also focuses on issues faced by individuals with disabilities and impairments. I already handle some issues related to elder law such as estate planning, probate administration, and guardianships. However, many individuals and families face other issues related to elder law that can be challenging and difficult to navigate without experienced legal counsel. As part of my dedicati

Noncompete and Conflict of Interest Clauses Act - What Maryland Businesses Need to Know —

What Does the Maryland Non-Compete and Conflict of Interest Clause Act Cover? Maryland is not the first state to enact laws restricting the use of non-compete and conflict of interest clauses in employment contracts. Under Maryland’s NCICA, a conflict of interest or non-compete clause is not enforceable for employees who earn an amount equal to or less than $31,200 annually or $15.00 per hour. The law became effective on October 1, 2019. In a typical non-compete agreement, an employee is prohi

Can My Personal Injury Settlement Be Garnished?

Can My Personal Injury Settlement Be Garnished? Personal injury or loss at the hands of someone else’s negligence can leave you emotionally, physically, and financially disadvantaged. Often, loss of income and huge debts result. If you are pursuing a personal injury settlement through a California personal injury lawyer, or have already received settlement compensation, safeguarding those funds for future medical expenses, lost wages, and various other costs is vital. California, the Federal

[2020 Tax Update] Thinking about Selling Your Business? —

It’s important to understand that selling your business has significant tax implications. Knowing what you want from your business is critical in determining how you structure the sale and minimize exposure to heavy tax burdens. The first step in strategizing the sale of your business should be to enlist the assistance of a tax attorney as your advisor. As a tax planning professional, your Columbia, Maryland tax attorney will explain options for your specific situation; they are best equipped t

Tesla Autopilot Crash Update | Los Angeles Attorney

California ranks among the highest in auto-related injuries and fatalities in the United States. With millions of commuters on California roadways each day, car accidents are inevitable. However, as statistics attest, the high number of drivers on the road is not the only problem. Distracted driving and over-reliance on new auto-technologies are contributing to higher percentages of car accidents than ever before; together, they are a recipe for disaster. In March 2018, Apple engineer Walter Hu

Benefits of Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit arises when a family member dies because of the negligence or wrongful acts of another party. The lawsuit is a civil action that is separate and apart from any criminal charges filed against the party responsible for another person’s death. The civil lawsuit is not dependent upon a criminal case and may exist even though criminal charges are not filed or the party is acquitted of any criminal charges. Situations and incidents that can result in a wrongful death claim in

Estate-Planning Before Remarrying [Checklist] —

Discuss how you want to handle property you own before the marriage and property you acquire during the marriage. You may want to preserve some family heirlooms and property for your children or blood relatives while leaving marital property to your new spouse or dividing it equally between children and step-children. Pre-marital agreements can be very useful in estate planning. A prenuptial agreement can resolve many of the financial issues that a couple might face if they divorced. It can als

Teens & Car Accidents: Talk to Them Now About What to Do | J&Y Law

Teens & Car Accidents: Talk to Them Now About What to Do Before your teen driver sets out behind the wheel, it’s essential to talk with them about the risks associated with teen driving. Talking with your teen about the leading causes of car accidents among teen drivers can help them make better decisions when they buckle up. But even then, auto accidents are somehow bound to occur. Now what? Both auto insurance companies and California car accident attorneys advise that well-prepared teen dri

Top 2020 Business Trends for Small - Midsize Business —

Marketing to the Masses - Technology and a Relatable Face Social Media has become an integral part of business marketing, delivering brand identity quickly and effectively into the minds of consumers through relatable stories by relatable faces. Live-streaming and short video content on apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube allow for instantaneous connection to viewers. Where print ads and advertorial content once thrived, video stories have quickly surged as the preferred method of mes

Sudden Unintended Acceleration: What To Do

Sudden Unintended Acceleration: What To Do If It Happens to You A car accident can happen at any time and for any reason. Common causes of car accidents include instances of driver error, including distracted driving, speeding, drowsy driving, and numerous traffic infractions. Our California personal injury attorneys routinely handle cases involving car accidents caused by driver error. Problems with the vehicle can also be a factor in the cause of a car accident. Sudden unintended acceleratio

Legal Audits: Why Your Business Needs One - Willcox, Buyck & Williams

Anytime we hear the word “audit,” we automatically think of something negative, such as an IRS audit. However, a legal audit can be very beneficial for your business. Legal audits can save your company money and avoid future legal problems. Our South Carolina business attorney can perform a legal audit of your company and help you develop a strategy to address any problems that the audit reveals. A legal audit is a routine “health” checkup for your company. Generally, an experienced business la

Legal Issues Every Start-Up Faces

Having an idea for a new business is just the first step in starting your own company. Startups have many legal issues to consider before selling their first product or service. A South Carolina business attorney helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into companies. Below are a few of the legal issues that every start-up faces. Legal Issues and Start-ups – What Do You Need to Know Before You Begin Business? Many new start-ups are the result of the ideas and contributions of multiple individuals
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