3 Golden Rules to Protect Your Kickstarter

Imagine the feeling you get when you’ve finally pressed the “launch” button on your Kickstarter campaign. That one small click represents hundreds or even thousands of hours of hard work and creativity. The feeling is one of excitement, relief and anticipation that funding will flow like manna from heaven. You’ve done it… Then two days later you get a nasty-gram from someone who’s already using the same name that you built your campaign around and everyone identifies with your work.

Why DIY Can Kill your Trademark Application

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you tend to be a “do-it-yourself-er.” We get that. You’re smart, capable and in most cases, trying to get a business started on a shoestring budget. The thing that sets apart the truly successful entrepreneur from the others is the ability to know where to spend money that will bring you the most value. Unfortunately, when it comes to applying for trademark protection we’ve seen too many people try to work without the advice of an attorney and it ends up costi

Should I Copyright or Trademark My Logo?

There’s a ton of confusion around the question, “Can I copyright my logo?”. In order to answer this question appropriately, it’s important to first identify the scope of protection you may be seeking, by distinguishing between trademarks and copyrights. Each serve different purposes, are obtained differently, and provide different types and levels of protection. Let’s take a minute to break down the differences between copyright protection and trademark protection, so that we can help you identi

Bushwick Teen Killed by Police Was Shot 14 Times, Medical Examiner Says | Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Blog

Many stories have unfortunately made their way into the media about alleged instances of police shootings and other misconduct. Some of these cases center around the use of excessive force by police officers on the job. The New York Police Department (NYPD) took steps last year to limit physical confrontations after several incidents of purported excessive force were caught on video. The NYPD is one of the largest police units, with an estimated force of over 34,500 uniformed officers.
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Digital Assets

In today’s technological world, estates include more than just the obvious, tangible property that people think of first. Along with houses, cars, and jewelry, many people have digital assets that can be inherited. Digital assets include items such as passwords, digital pictures, medical information, instructive memos, and any other item that is accessed primarily through digital means such as books, music, and movies. Digital assets can also include intellectual property such as copyrights, t

What are the top 5 mistakes gig-workers make when doing their taxes? | Hyden, Miron & Foster, PLLC Law Blog

Gig workers, also known as “freelancers” make up about 34% of the nation’s workforce. This number is expected to increase to 50% in the next three years. With the amount of income these types of workers are generating, this critical mass of workers may be coming under closure scrutiny with the IRS. If you fall under the umbrella of gig-workers, ensuring your filings are correct when tax season comes can save you time and money.
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Dog Bite Prevention Tips for Parents

Dog bites can often be a painful affair for everyone involved. This is especially true when children are the victims. Dog bites can cause significant trauma for children that lasts a lifetime. If your child has been the victim of a dog bite, you need the counsel of an experienced dog bite injury attorney. As a parent, you want to be able to protect your child from all harm. Whether your child has been a victim of a dog bite or not, it is certainly worth your time to sit down and discuss safety

How Can a Special Needs Trust Help My Family? | Nolan Elder Law and Estate Planning, LLC Blog

If you care for a loved one who is challenged on an ongoing basis with a physical or mental disability, you know the hardships that go along with trying to ensure that they remain safe and financially secure. Careful planning must go into determining how and when assets are transferred, particularly in the event that you can no longer care for them. Without careful special needs planning, your loved one may miss out on important government benefits.

What are the most common mistakes people make on social media during divorce? | Law Office of Gary R. Swavely, Jr. Blog

These days, so much of our lives are lived online through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter. We share the good, the bad and the ugly with the simple push of a button, often without thought to what the fallout might be. When it comes to divorce, there are a lot of psychological and emotional factors that lead us to post certain things, like how we really feel about our ex, to how fast we’ve moved on and are enjoying life. Unfortunately, one ill-advised post

What can you do to protect yourself after a bicycle injury?

Regardless of whether you are a hardcore bicyclist or a weekend fun-ride type, you are always at risk of serious injury due to collisions with other vehicles. Bicycling accidents have many causes, from distracted driving to failing to follow bicycling laws. It is also difficult at times to determine who was at fault for the accident. An experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you make that determination and get you the compensation you deserve.
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4 Trends Affecting Small Businesses This Year

Business owners tend to spend a lot of time searching the magic oracle (a.k.a. the internet) for answers to business growth questions. How do I get new customers? How do I get existing customers to come back? Why doesn’t my cat like me? Ok, maybe business owners don’t have issues with their cats, though the other questions are probably crowding their brain space right now. Fear not, we’ve identified 4 business trends you should be paying attention to this year. Not everything in business is fr
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What is an Executive Search Firm?

Highly effective executives who have been in the industry long enough have likely been approached by individuals on behalf of an executive search firm, representing a company interested in that executive’s talent. Because of their predator-like tactics, these individuals are sometimes called “headhunters” by companies who have lost great executives to competitors using headhunters.  Executive search firms are similar in nature to staffing agencies commonly used to fill lower level administrative

Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Stop Killing Time and Start Investing Time

"The way we measure productivity is flawed. People checking their BlackBerry over dinner is not the measure of productivity." - Timothy Ferriss At the end of each day, do you take stock of what you've done and feel as though you were constantly busy, but you can't for the life of you figure out how your time was spent? As days turn into weeks and weeks into months...we often feel exhausted, but with no real accomplishments to show for our efforts.
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Turning Failure Into Success – Stories of Famous Achievers and Their Failures

Every entrepreneur, and I do mean every, has had a taste of failure at one time or another. The slam-dunk business idea that landed flat.  The star product that fizzled out.  It happens more often than you really hear about, but to those individuals that it’s happening to, the “failures” can be seriously disheartening. If you’re feeling a bit down about a business venture that didn’t go as you planned, don’t lose hope. Countless well-known and successful individuals have achieved their dreams de
The Playbook | FullStack Labs

Fullstack Labs - Playbook

As you’re probably figuring out, building custom software applications is a complex process that requires collaboration and input from multiple people. It’s not uncommon for a project to include half a dozen people (or more) on your side, and half dozen people (or more) on our side. To give you an example, most of our projects will include: Given the number of people involved, communication, collaboration, and management can be challenging. Based on our years of experience, we’ve developed the
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Handling Negative Online Reviews Like a Pro

Online reviews can make or break a business. More and more often, customers are turning to sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook to get an unbiased view of every business they use. Negative reviews are pretty much inevitable, regardless of how hard you try. Your responses, or lack thereof, can also have a dramatic effect on how people view your company’s credibility and dedication to customer service. Here are a few tips to handle negative online reviews like a pro. First and foremost it is impo
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Employment Law Outlook 2016

Many businesses take time at the beginning of a new year to look back on what went well and what didn’t in the previous year.  For employers across the nation, looking back on the employment litigation trends of 2015 may have them shaking in their ergonomic office chairs.  It turns out that employment litigation class-action lawsuits were at record highs last year, with over 1,300 rulings. Every employer fears being sued and for obvious reasons – lawsuits are expensive.  It’s impossible to pred
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