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The Essential Guide To Hiring A Ruby on Rails Agency | Blog

You've probably heard that Ruby on Rails has consistently ranked as one of the most popular programming languages among web developers. You've probably also heard that Ruby is easy to use and enables developers to deliver high-quality apps in a relatively short amount of time. If it's so easy to use, any developer should do for your project... right? The short answer is NOOOOOOOO! When you go out into the developer world, you will be delighted like a kid in a candy store to see all of the choic

SEO vs. PPC - Best Law Firm Marketing Practices —

When deciding on a digital marketing strategy for your law firm, digital marketing professionals will often suggest one of two approaches: SEO vs. PPC. So, how do you know which is better? Individual merits of SEO and PPC are often debated among marketers trying to push one strategy above the other, but choosing between the two isn’t your only option. SEO and PPC are essential internet marketing tools for law firms. Used correctly, each attracts new customers, increases customer conversion, and

When is the Right Time for Strategic Planning?

Now, of course! The most successful organizations look at the big picture often in order to stay on top of trends, keep pace with customer demands and client needs, and leverage new market, industry and technological opportunities. Having a perpetual learning mindset allows these entities to move with and manage the changes happening around them to prepare and adapt the organization for the near and far future. Strategic planning is the process that an organization uses to measure its resource

A Beginner's Guide to Freelancing with Upwork

With the rapid expansion of the gig economy, freelance platforms have provided a much-needed framework to connect service providers with clients all over the world. One of the largest of these platforms is Upwork. Upwork, the company born from the merger of oDesk and Elance, is a robust platform that enables freelancers to connect and collaborate remotely with clients across the globe. Boasting more than 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients, Upwork sees more than 3 million projects post

[SEO For Lawyers] Demystifying Search Engine Optimization — The Page One Lawyer

Hosting millions of websites and attracting many more users, the world wide web is the central resource for consumers seeking information, products, and services. What does this mean for lawyers? It means that the internet is the singular most important marketplace for attracting new clients to your law firm. Search engine optimization promotes high ranking and greater visibility for your law firm’s website. Deconstructing and understanding the search engine is essential for lawyers who want

Fullstack Labs - Playbook

As you’re probably figuring out, building custom software applications is a complex process that requires collaboration and input from multiple people. It’s not uncommon for a project to include half a dozen people (or more) on your side, and half dozen people (or more) on our side. To give you an example, most of our projects will include: Given the number of people involved, communication, collaboration, and management can be challenging. Based on our years of experience, we’ve developed the

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Use Online Legal Document Services

As individuals search for cost-effective and convenient legal services, more online legal document services are appearing. These companies offer quick, easy, and inexpensive access to the legal forms that you need. However, many people using these services discover too late that they do not provide the quality and reliability that a local attorney may offer. Below are 10 reasons why you should not consider using an online legal document service for your legal needs.

The Complete Google Adwords Budget Guide for 2021 — The Page One Lawyer

Google AdWords is the world’s most prominent platform for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. There are many compelling reasons to consider a PPC campaign. People who click on ads are more likely to hire you, as long as your landing page establishes you as an authority in your field and instills trust from your visitor. Online ads are also effective in spreading brand awareness and generating leads. It’s no wonder the majority of all small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and law firms run PPC camp

Lyft vs. Uber - The Innovation Battle Continues

Is it better to be first or to be best? For Uber and Lyft, rideshare companies that started with different ideas than what we now know them for, the question of being first is moot. As a result, these two companies must compete to be the best at providing the exact same service — getting you where you want to go. With a task as basic as getting humans from point A to point B, innovation is primarily in the hands of the drivers, which is currently limited to whether they pick you up in a standar

10 Ways to Really Screw Up Your Business

If you run headfirst into the business world without a detailed business plan, you may be closing your business before it gets off the ground. A business plan provides you with a detailed guide for daily operations. A business plan also helps you define your market and objections. Even an established business needs a plan and needs to review and update the plan periodically. When you begin a business, it can be very helpful to have a mentor who understands the requirements and challenges of ope

Upwork | How To Hire Remote Freelancers Through Upwork | YAC Blog

When it comes to advancing the remote team model, UPWORK has led the charge by creating a platform that enables professionals and freelancers to collaborate remotely. Headquartered in Santa Clara with offices in San Francisco and Chicago, Upwork operates with corporate employees and freelancers - both of which are a mix of in-office and remote workers, primarily using their own in-house platform. More than 5 million business are registered on Upwork. According to UTKARSH, a growth engineer with

Make Estate-Planning a Part of Your New Year's Resolution

The New Year will be here sooner than you think. Many people each year resolve to lose weight, exercise more, read more, save more money, or otherwise improve some area of their life. This New Year’s Day, why don’t you resolve to make estate planning a priority during 2019. If you have an estate plan, resolve to review the plan with your Maryland estate-planning attorney. If you have no estate plan, resolve to devise an estate plan in 2019 that reflects your wishes and desires for your future an

Webflow | Webflow’s $72M Series A Roadmaps Distributed Teams Playbook | YAC Blog

From near bankruptcy to a $72 Million series A funding round, Webflow has claimed the throne of no-code King. With the title comes the responsibility to lead the remote work revolution, something the company has been a longtime advocate for. I spoke with Kyle Shevlin, a senior software engineer at Webflow about how they can keep the innovation flowing when ~70% of their workforce rarely step foot in the office. Webflow is based in San Francisco, where 25-30 employees gather each day and work wh

3 Golden Rules to Protect Your Kickstarter

Imagine the feeling you get when you’ve finally pressed the “launch” button on your Kickstarter campaign. That one small click represents hundreds or even thousands of hours of hard work and creativity. The feeling is one of excitement, relief and anticipation that funding will flow like manna from heaven. You’ve done it… Then two days later you get a nasty-gram from someone who’s already using the same name that you built your campaign around and everyone identifies with your work.

Buffer | 10 Million Users - One Fully Remote Team | YAC Blog

Across the globe, more than 3 billion people are active social media users engaging with content on more than 120 social media sites. How is a digital brand, (or any brand for that matter) supposed to keep up and keep these users engaged? Communication and collaboration. Not so ironically, that is also the strategy engaged by the social networking management software company, BUFFER, to manage and scale its fully-remote team. According to Adnan, who is part of the 82-person Buffer remote team,

How Walking to Work Can Improve Your Quality of Life and Overall Happiness

Before moving to Sacramento, I spent 5 years living and working in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, which is to say, I spent too much of my time sitting in traffic on the 101. That time was spent in complete and utter frustration and worry that the guy behind me was going to rear-end me because he’s trying to multitask his commute. I’d arrive at work stressed out and not mentally prepared for the day ahead. My creativity and motivation were squashed. Then, at the end of the day, I’d get back on

Should I Copyright or Trademark My Logo?

There’s a ton of confusion around the question, “Can I copyright my logo?”. In order to answer this question appropriately, it’s important to first identify the scope of protection you may be seeking, by distinguishing between trademarks and copyrights. Each serve different purposes, are obtained differently, and provide different types and levels of protection. Let’s take a minute to break down the differences between copyright protection and trademark protection, so that we can help you identi

Handling Negative Online Reviews Like a Pro

Online reviews can make or break a business. More and more often, customers are turning to sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook to get an unbiased view of every business they use. Negative reviews are pretty much inevitable, regardless of how hard you try. Your responses, or lack thereof, can also have a dramatic effect on how people view your company’s credibility and dedication to customer service. Here are a few tips to handle negative online reviews like a pro. First and foremost it is impo
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